Pad Thai and beef curry at Thai Spice

Though New Brunswick is officially a “bilingual” province, in practice it follows a concept of “linguistic duality”: instead of offering public services in an integrated system, with both languages working equally side-by-side, taxpayers instead get duplicated entities, with entirely separate management, providing a duplicate service, one for either language.

Similarly, Fredericton businesses respect a concept of “riverine duality”: you’ll find mirror image versions of stores, franchises and businesses on the Northside and the Southside, catering for the cities’ two solitudes on either side of the Saint John river. There’s the (Southside) Boyce Farmers’ Market, and the Northside Market; there’s side-by-side Wal-Marts and Home Depots at the Regent Mall/Corbett Centre, and Two Nations Crossing.

Finally, the riverine duality has brought some options for Fredericton Thai fast food/take-away aficionados! Attention Northsiders: no need to brave the traffic on the Westmorland St Bridge and up Regent and Prospect to get to the Regent Mall Thaï Express, when you’ve got your own Thai Spice on Main St!



Unlike the mall food court franchise, this is independent family-owned and run, and they fix everything up fresh and fast to order. Similar to the tested-tried-and-true formula at Thaï Express, rice or noodles are combined with your choice of beef, chicken or tofu, and red, green or yellow curries. Dishes are as spicy as you ask, and serving size is plenty, though the pad thai could have used some more sprouts.

Where it stands out and has the Thaï Express definitely, soundly beat is in the side dishes: spring rolls are freshly fried up to order, not waiting under a heat lamp; and you’ve also got the option of steamed or fried dumplings, also freshly done. With a delicious dollop of peanut sauce, they’re a tasty and affordable accompaniment to a healthy meal.

Definitely a long-awaited addition for the Northside, and worth the trip over for Southsiders looking for a change of scenery.

Thai Spice – 277 Main St – 506 472 3486

Thai Spice on Urbanspoon

5 responses to “Pad Thai and beef curry at Thai Spice

  1. Nice! I’ve wondered what that restaurant was like… I often head to the Northside to visit Koto. Now looking forward to trying Thai Spice as well!

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